Communications Expertise


· Investigator and Expert Technical Witness in 18 U.S.C. § 2701(a) Unlawful Access to Stored         Communications, 18 U.S.C. § 2511(1)(a) & 18 U.S.C. § 2511(1)(d) Federal Wiretap Act cases


· Investigator - International University Bomb/Kidnapping Threat Case—

    Tracked Perpetrator Emails to Source Geographical Locations



· Investigator in Baltic Countries Sourced Hacking Attack in U.S.- Live Digital Communications Tracking/Interdiction



· Investigator—Accounting Fraud Case Involving Internet Remote Computer Access Tracking



· Investigator and Expert Technical Witness in Tracing Clearwire Wireless Internet Service Subscriber             Computer Activity


· Provided Sensitive Site Exploitation Support to U.S. Special Forces Teams Regarding Digital Tracking       Techniques for OCONUS Special Assignments



· Major Petrochemical Corporation - Denial of Service Attack, Security Response & Forensic Analysis -

    2,500+ Internet Connected Devices—Used Cisco Router Access         Control Lists (ACL’s) to Locate Primary Botnet Offending Devices


· Security Vulnerability Assessment / Disaster Recovery Planning / Emergency Operations Planning –      Various Undisclosed Sites to meet Department of Homeland Security/EPA requirements


Cell Phone  Carrier & Cell Phone Evidence  Expertise


· Expert Technical Witness for Prosecution in Capital Murder Case  —

    Regarding E911 Idle Mode Query (IMQ) Emergency Cell Phone Location Attempts

    Location Based Services Utilized by Cell Phone Carrier Sprint PCS

    Cell Phone Carrier Network Operations Logging


· Current Defense Appointee Expert Technical Witness - Los Angeles, California, Superior Court in

    Home Invasion Robbery Case - Cell Phone Historical Location Tracking


· Cell Phone Live Location Tracking Support for Covert National Police Operations in Undisclosed Countries


· Forensic Examiner/Expert Technical Witness—

    Apple iPhone Forensic Examination in Combined Civil/Criminal Case—

    GPS Location Tracking, Camera Image Location Tracking


· Investigator/Forensic Examiner/Expert Technical Witness in Homicide Case—

    Examined Victim’s Cell Phone


· Expert Communications Technical Witness by Court Ordered Appointment in Double Capital Murder Case -

    Location Tracking for Several Cell Phones


· Investigator and Expert Technical Witness in Court Ordered Cell Phone Examination and Tracking Investigation


Fiber Optics  Expertise


· Fiber Optics Communications Expert for Texas Tech Health Sciences Center ATM Backbone Design/Implementation Project for over 6,000 nodes– Lubbock, El Paso, Amarillo, Odessa


· Fiber Optics Expert in Major Refinery Disaster (Explosion) Recovery/Rebuild


· Fiber Optic Communications Expert for new FEDEX Jet Fuel Terminal- Memphis, Tennessee Federal Express Headquarters SuperHub Airport Terminal involving over 375 flights per day to destinations worldwide


· Fiber Optic Communications Expert for United States Gypsum SheetRock Manufacturing Operation


· Fiber Optics Communications Expert for Hasbro Lincoln Log / Fisher Price Nerf Toys Manufacturing Operations


· Fiber Optics Communications Expert for Coal Seam Natural Gas Production Compressor Stations in Tennessee


· Fiber Optics Communications Expert for Municipal Transportation / Traffic Camera Monitoring System


· Fiber Optics Communications Expert for Maximum Security Prison Site


· Fiber Optics / Wireless Communications Expert for Philips Magnavox Manufacturing Warehouse Management System Implementation - El Paso, Texas


· Fiber Optics Expert for Wind Turbine Farm Communications Projects


· National Petroleum Reserves Gas Pipeline Storage Instrumentation/Communications Design &        Implementation—Fiber Optic / Wireless PLC/SCADA Networks –         Alabama, Kansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming


General Computer & Digital Forensics Expertise


· Expert Technical Witness / Forensic Examiner - Major Corporate Fraud - Theft Case in U.S. Federal Court


· Investigator - Moscow, Russia Email Fraud Case—

    Tracked Emails to Perpetrator Locations within Moscow


· Investigator & Expert Technical Witness -  AIG Insurance Dispute Case Success

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